Thursday, April 23, 2015

People often ask me where my favorite place on the planet is. Or more specifically, where I think the best place in the world is to live. If you travel a great deal, you too will be asked this question. The notion of a utopia. A perfect, egalitarian, and harmonious paradise on Earth has been a recurring theme in literature and storytelling for hundreds of years. I think this comes from a basic human need from time immemorial to search out greener pastures.

The thing is, there is no perfect place on this planet. Some places are nicer than others. No place is perfect. The outer Hawaiian islands had great year round weather when I lived there for several years. But day after day of nice weather comes with the difficulty of making enough money to afford the high cost of living and the transitory nature of a tourism based economy.

Shangri-la is a state of mind. It is something each person finds within themselves. It is not a place on earth.

Standing on a beach in Thailand watching a perfect sunset reflecting golden light off the waves is an easier place to experience that state of mind than horizontal snow in the upper midwest I have found. Which is one reason I migrate like the birds and live a nomadic existence.

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  1. One of the eternal struggles of mankind is to not confuse being with doing. To be is required, to do is optional. Many of us think from time to time if I could just do more, then.....
    The truth is that doing more won't ever get you "there"! When I finally became comfortable in my own skin, I realized that "there" and "happy" are a state of mind.

    I have never had occasion to be unhappy since, (frustrated, angry or disappointed don't count) and everywhere I am there I is. I suspect that you Tio are much like I am in that respect. Happiness is a byproduct of a life lived in balance and there is here!