Wednesday, April 8, 2015

.Pat from Canada was looking to fly down from Alberta Canada to Mexico and buy a small bike to travel on. He ended up taking buses to Guatemala and buying a bike there. I asked him how hard it was for a foreigner to buy a bike in Guatemala and this is what he had to say:

I got a 2010 for 1200$ used. Actually got it registered in Antigua with the help of Jose Rivas at CATours (he can show you beautiful roads also) . He was a massive help. You need to go to the SAT (motor vehicle registration) office in Antigua (kind of a hole in the wall) to get your NIT number. If they ask you if you're buying a Moto, say no here to avoid wait times. There is a lawyers office close to SAT, they can let you know where exactly. You pay 200 quezales ($26 U.S.) for the transfer then go back to SAT with your passport and paperwork and it's done. You don't need a liscense , just passport.

El Salvadorroads for me were dead, felt like I was the only one on the road, which I loved. Nicaragua seems to have lots of crosswinds this time a year, a little freaky in some heavy traffic.

This website taught me a lot and showed me that it's possible. Thank you!

Full conversation over at:

Guatemala is a wonderful country. So it looks like a foreigner could fly in from say Australia, Europe or the U.S. and buy a bike pretty easily. Not a bad way to go.

Flights to Guatemala are cheap from the U.S. I could see flying down for the winter and buying a little bike to tool around the mountains on.

Just an idea.

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