Saturday, April 4, 2015

I will be turning 62 next month. Can’t wait. You can buy one of these for ten bucks when you turn 62:

The Golden Eagle Passport is good for life and allows any U.S. citizen over 62 years old free entry to any National Park or National Monument. Whoo doggies!!! The nice thing about it is that anyone traveling with you gets in free as well. In fact when I was riding into Crater Lake National Park with my friends Jim and Ann a while back, Jim flashed this pass and got us all in even though we were on 3 different motorcycles.

The last time I rode througn Yellowstone Park they charged me 20 bucks. Same as the carload of folks in front of me. And I was on a motorcycle. Didn’t seem fair.

Might have to make a National Park Tour with my new free pass to make up for it.


  1. There are 58 Nat'l Parks in the US. Just think how many you could cross off the list.

  2. I'll get right on it. I had heard of people riding around getting National Park Stamps. It sounds like a slippery slope. Thanks!

  3. Happy birthday John and happy travels in the US
    That is a great gift to give yourself.
    Myself have enjoyed it so much entering the NP with this card.

  4. At just about every park the sell "Passports" so you can collect franking at each, for a momento or bragging rights whichever comes first.