Monday, October 26, 2015

I had never seen a damaged windmill until I passed by this one in west Texas today. I just did a quick google search here at the Cleburne Texas library to find out what happened. Was it a tornado? Apparently not. According to the owners they aren’t sure what happened. Mind you, the information and picture of this same wind turbine were on a UFO website. Hmmmm.

Vast cotton fields ready to be harvested and made into jeans and tee shirts. This field was just outside Pima Arizona. I always wondered where Pima Cotton came from. It is supposed to be high quality. I just missed the Sunday hours at this mining museum near Globe Arizona. I liked the giant dumptruck parked in the even more giant dump bed out in front of the museum. Kind of like a Tonka truck kachina doll: I made it to central Texas this afternoon just in time to get the paperwork I need to give social security. Alas SS building was closed by the time I got there, so will head back in the morning. more later….

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