Monday, January 19, 2015

This video that came out over the weekend made me smile. It's my new theme song while I still have a licence and can drive:

The police are just people like you and me. Not an easy job answering domestic abuse calls, pulling over drunks and speeders. Someone’s gotta do it. Just wish they hadn’t pulled me over in Texas in October. Ah well such is life.


  1. Hey John! Good to see you got a sense of humor still. Glad you got to make the trip to Baja with your sister. Good luck on your court date (and everything else before and after).
    Page, AZ

    1. Hi Ed!

      Good to hear from you. Hope to see you down the road!

  2. Nobody "has to" pull over drunks and speeders. No victim - no crime. You need to experience some more police treatment, like asset seizure or get beaten to wake up. This video was at taxpayers expense, with stolen money, for no good reason. I can not understand licking the boot that kicks you.

  3. My goodness. Didn't mean to offend you freedom advocate. A fat cop rocking out to Taylor Swift still makes me laugh. Sorry.

    Getting angry at others for my mistakes has never served me well in life. And yes, drunk driving is a mistake. Often times not a victimless crime.