Sunday, September 6, 2015

Unleaded gas under $2/gal is welcome news for Texas Labor Day travelers:


  1. Hey Tio - Filled up at Sam's on Saturday...$1.74/gal, God bless the USA. When we left Canada at the end of June the equivalent amount of gasoline would be about $125. At Sam's we paid $45. We will be heading north in about a month. Spending the winter in the Okanagan, then spring and summer on the Coast before heading south again. We have to make a quick trip back to OK to pick up the scooters in early March.

  2. Where have you been, John. I'm hoping for new stories from SA. Hope all is well. Great story about the plane rescue from the Amazon.

  3. Hi John. Glad to hear that you are getting things back in order. I saw on your blog that you are coming out to Oregon. As before, in Concepción, if you need a place to stay, you are welcome at our place in Canby. We arrived home (Canby) the end of August and will be staying here until August 2016. I would love to hear from you.

    Rick Ellis

    1. Hey Rick!
      So good to hear from you mi amigo de Concepción!
      I'm heading up to Portland this weekend to visit my mom at the luxury alzheimers resort where she is currently staring at the wall. I'll be staying at my sister's in West Linn Saturday night so would love to drop by and catch up on things on my way through Canby. If you could email me an address or phone # at if you see this I will make a point of dropping by for a quick visit at your convenience.

      Your ADVpal,

  4. Hi John, Glad to hear your out and about, and the postcards I sent got to you. Some of them I sent to friends didn't make it till weeks after I returned, and a few never even showed up. Getting my Sherpa ready for Baja again, and possibly the mainland if time permits. Looking fwd to reading more on your blog, and ADVrider as well.. Safe Travels! Regards. Dan