Friday, November 14, 2014

Many people are PMing me wondering what is up with life here in Texas. Since my ride report over on ADVrider has been shut down since I got a DUI here in Texas that put the screws to my return to South America for more adventures, I am going to start posting over here on this site in the meantime. I haven't had much to report yet since I am basically floating here in Texas while I await trial. It looks like February after the holidays is the soonest they will be sentencing me. I am enjoying Texas hospitality in the meantime. Living in the house that I am remodelling for veriest1. I can drive around and am free on bail for the next few months. Had fun yesterday driving down to a fellow ADVrider's place to get some welding done on veriest1's GS bag frames and crash bar. It turns out that Dody the ADVwelder is a probation officer in the next county so he had a lot of good info on what I will be up against as an out of state offender. He called slowoldguy down in Waco who is a lawyer who seemed to think that I will be paying a fine of 2500 bucks or so and if I don't want a long probation that forbids me from leaving the county then I may have to do 6 months in jail or so. Hmmmm. I would take 6 months in jail over 5 years probation that kept me from leaving the country. I will be heading to Oregon when I get out of the slammer to paint my sister's house and earn enough money to get down to South America. Will be eligible for Social Security by that time so I will start another ride report on ADVrider on the joys of a vagabond living on social security in third world countries. In the meantime I have come to town to pick up a front door and some more tile and stopped in here at the Cleburne Texas public library to use their wifi to post this since there is no service out in the sticks where I am working. more later….


  1. Hey John, we're dying out here. When are you going to let us know what's going on? George

  2. Sorry to hear about your DUI. Have you hired an attorney? When my brother got one a few years ago, he was facing jail time. His lawyer helped present his case to the court and saved him from being incarcerated. Five years on parole is rough, but maybe a lawyer could help decrease this amount of time too so you could continue your travels sooner? Best of luck!

    Faith Brady @ KHunterLaw

  3. One thing that I would seriously consider is that getting a look inside that Texas jail before you assume a 6-month stay will be a walk in the park. There are some prisons along the border with Mexican gangs who will stab you for looking at them. Be careful about what you choose, jail may not be the right answer.